Axe & Bear Trading is a Companion Shop to Earthly Leather Design

I started in the leather business in 2009, working at Lutz's Leather. That is where I met my wife, a second generation leather worker who started officially working for her dad at 15 years old. In 2010 she started Earthly Leather Design to cater to the SCA, LARP, and Ren-Faire Crowds that she is a part of.

In 2012 we started what became Axe & Bear Trading, to provide Hard Working, USA Made, leather gear to hard working Men and Women. We wanted to provide people with the same Blue Collar & Outdoor Roots that we have, with Belts, Wallets, Knife Sheaths and other Leather Products that will work as hard as they do. On the job, at home, or in the woods.
We use our own products, and they have three generations of experience in each piece. We know what they will stand up to, and we stand behind them 100%.

The Leather Products we sell are completely made by us, right here in Pennsylvania, from Sustainable & Ethically Sourced Materials. The first step in every one of our pieces is driving to our leather supplier's warehouse, and hand picking each leather hide. From there we cut, dye, seal, sew, polish and assemble all of our Leather Products at our shop in Pennsylvania.

Our Leather Products are primarily Made to Order to the Color and Size Specifications you give us. We typically run around a 2 week production time. So your item will most likely ship 2 weeks after you've completed your purchase. If you need something fast, ask us if we have something similar in stock.

Recently we have been getting back into one of my early loves from my years as a Scout...
Early American & Native Crafts. This is where the Fur & Bones come in, and maybe I’ll start putting up some Antique Knives & Trade Beads. We follow the same philosophy in the collection of these pieces that we do in our Leather. It is all Sustainable & Ethically Sourced...
Everything that can be used from the animal gets used. No animal was Harvested just for the pieces that I have. The meat and organs that can be, are eaten. The Fur and Bones are a byproduct, and should be used to their fullest potential, to honor that animal who gave its life.


Q; How long will it take to get my order?
A; Made to Order Leather Products ship 2 weeks after you've completed your purchase.In Stock items such as Fur, Bones, Camping Gear, and some Leather Products take 3-5 business days to be shipped.

Q; Do you have a physical Store I can visit?
A; I do not. However Nearly all of my products can be seen or purchased at Lutz's Leather in Beaver Falls Pennsylvania, or my Booth at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.

Q; How do I measure to get the right size for my belt?
A; The easiest way is to simply take a tape measure and wrap it around yourself where you wear your belt.
Most people these days wear their pants on their Hips.
~How to Measure your Waist/Hips
1) Take a tape measure, and/or peace of string/rope.
2) Put the end of the string/tape on the button of your pants and wrap it around once.
3) Pull the string/tape to the tightness that you will wear the belt.
4) Mark where the string/tape meets on your button.
5) Note the measurement of the string/tape.

Q; Are your bones & fur cruelty free? Was the animal was harmed for the purpose of selling it’s bones/fur?
A; Nothing I have was killed specifically for the parts that I sell.Each animal has a different story as to how, but the animal parts I sell are a byproduct.They are all animals that are a food source, predators taken to protect food sources, or in the case of the toads; animals that pose an ecological danger.

Q; Where do you get your bones & fur?
A; The bones & fur that I sell come from all over the US & Canada. More specifically they typically come from hunters, farmers, & ranchers.

Q; Were Does your Taxidermy come from?
A; All of the taxidermy is second-hand, acquired at auction. Much of it is vintage.

Q; Why won't you ship bones & fur to California?
A; Unfortunately your states laws are so strict, and change so rapidly regarding the purchase/sale of animal parts, that I just can't keep up with them.

Q; Why won't you ship bones & fur outside of the US?
A; Unfortunately I can not sell/ship fur & bones to customers outside of the United States, because I do not have the proper export license to sell/ship them internationally.

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